The Google Chrome Browser is best with Google Apps

Post date: Jan 08, 2013 3:48:47 PM

Google Chrome is Google's internet browser like other browsers you may be familiar with, such as Internet Explorer(IE), Firefox, or Safari(Apple's browser). It makes logical sense that a browser by Google would work best with Google Apps. Some basic features of Google Chrome include: 

-  Faster browsing and app syncing

-  In browser searching. Instead of going to to make searches you can search from within the Chrome browser using the 'omnibox' address bar

-  Select from hundreds of Apps - like photo editors, project management tools, and Offline Google Apps - from the Chrome Web Store and add them to Chrome with one click

- Notifications and customization to get what you need fast and sync items like bookmarks across devices

You can get started by downloading Google Chrome on your computer

Download Google Chrome

Use the following guide to help you get started with chrome after being an Internet Explorer user

Guide to Life After Internet Explorer